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About The Project

Removal of existing boiler and mechanical install of new 20T/hr Gas Fired boiler and associated flue stack.

Scope of works

  • Remove an old oil-fired boiler and Flue, install and modify boiler feed and steam pipework to allow the customer to connect a temporary rental boiler.
  • Modify pipework to allow connection of the new boiler feed water Steam lines, steam flow meter and gas feed pipework.
  • Supply support steel to facilitate the removal of the building sidewall to allow the old boiler to be removed and a new boiler fitted
  • The old boiler was lifted out from its location, removed from site, and recycled. The flue stack was taken down and recycled. (This flue stack was originally fabricated and installed by Buttimer Engineering 40 years previously) The foundation installed was deemed to be sufficient to support the newer flue. A new base plate was installed to facilitate the installation of the new flue.
  • The floor of the boiler room was strengthened around the slab to support the weight of the new boiler. Underground cable ducts on the old boiler were filled where necessary. Civil works were by others.
  • Buttimer engineering lifted the new boiler and used a crane plus skates to get into place. The new stack was also lifted into place and bolted down.
  • The economizer was fitted and then connected to the flue. Final insulation of any exposed flue was lagged.
  • The boiler feed pipes, feed water pumps, valves, steam header, gas main, blowdown and sample point pipework were installed.
  • Platforms and access to the top of the boiler was installed.
  • Cable trays and cables to the control panel installed. Terminations by others • Boiler commissioned by others and assisted by Buttimer Engineering as required


The coop required a higher steam pressure and demand to operate a second new spray dryer more efficiently. The works commenced with some enabling works and the flue been designed and fabricated in house. A rental boiler was installed on site to allow the old boiler to be removed without disruption to the plant’s operation.

Buttimer had to remove and install the boiler through the side wall as additional a pipe rack had been installed from the boiler house to another building since the old boiler had been installed some 40 years previously blocking the access. To do this the concrete roof beams had to be supported and one support was in the way to allow the new boiler to turn into place. Buttimer Engineering supplied the steel required. Once the old boiler and flue was removed, bases were made ready to install the new flue and boiler. With them in place the economizer was fitted, and flue connected, and final insulation of the exposed flue and joints took place. Buttimer Engineering coordinated such works, and also connected the pumps and pipes required to complete the installation. The platform and access were completed.

The gallery below shows photos of the project in progress.

Client Name: Veolia Energy Services Ireland Ltd

Location: Co. Tipperary



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