Bio-Waste System Upgrade – Co. Cork, Ireland

Buttimer Engineering was employed by Finglow Consultants Ltd. to design and manufacture a 7,500 litre Storage Tank based on our client’s specifications. The bio-waste system upgrade tank had to be capable of collecting liquid bio-waste with entrapped vapours and gases from bioprocessing equipment including pressurised equipment blowdowns. This meant preparing mechanical calculations in accordance with ASME Section VIII Division 1 for the pressure envelope of the Storage Tank.

The Scope of Work included, but was not limited to:

  • Design of steel saddle supports

  • Design of lifting attachments

  • Design of vessel shell and dished heads for internal and external pressure

  • Opening reinforcement in vessel walls

  • Design of agitator nozzle for cyclic loads imposed by the agitator operation

  • This would include fatigue asessment and may involve local thickening of the shell or even the introduction of stiffeners to ensure the agitator nozzle would not suffer premature failure due to the cyclic loading. The fatigue assessment would be carried out in accordance with PD5500

  • Weight estimate 

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