Buttimer Engineering has designed, fabricated and installed grain handling facilities of various sizes, functions and specifications for Dairygold Ireland.

Projects have included storage, handling and processing of a range of agricultural products including cereals, dairy and powders. Silos have included both steel and concrete designs, flat-bottomed and hopper-bottomed with a range of loading and unloading mechanisms, anti-dust and ATEX precautions, moisture and temperature modifiers, chutes, elevators, conveyors, packaging equipment and other features. The processing capability and equipment installed by Buttimer Engineering includes drying, cleaning, de-stoning, pelleting, bagging, blending, mixing, dying and others.

Scope of Work:

A demonstration example of these is the storage facility at Dairygold Outrath. Buttimer Engineering’s installation includes;

  • Drive through grain intake with a throughput capacity of 100TPH
  • Pre-Cleaning at 100TPH
  • Drying at 60TPH
  • Storage capacity of 20,000 tonne plus 1000 tonne green silo. All circular silos
  • Bulk out-loading via 2 x 80 tonne silos
  • All conveying and elevation equipment has a throughput capacity of 100TPH

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