Peel Ports

Biomass Import Facility - Port of Liverpool

Buttimer Engineering was employed by Graham Construction on behalf of Peel Ports to carry out the mechanical/structural engineering installation packages involving the fuel handling systems on their new biomass import facilities at Gladstone Quay in Liverpool.

This is one of the largest biomass handling facilities in Europe with the capability to handle over 3 million tonnes annually and one of the key port locations in the UK to supply wood pellets to Drax Power Station.

Scope of Work

  • All main structural steel-In excess of 2,500 tonnes
  • Equipment Inspections upon arrival
  • Detailed reporting and tracking of same
  • Design, Fabricate, Supply & Install various Intermediary Steel Sections
  • Installation of Conveyor Gantries
  • Installation of Conveying Systems from Ship Unloaders
  • Installation of Conveying Systems to Silos
  • Train Loading Intake System Installation
  • Installation of Train Loading System
  • Installation of Train Out-Loading System
  • Installation of Truck Intake System
  • Erection of 7 number Large Transfer Towers
  • Assembly & Erection of GTU Tower
  • Installation of 1,224 linear metres of 1.8m wide belt conveyors
  • Completion of a number of lifts involving 1,000 tonne crane
  • Completion of numerous tandem lifts involving 2 number 500 tonne cranes
  • 50,000 man hours accident free

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