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Buttimer Engineering has considerable expertise in the mechanical handling of bulk ores, concentrates, coal, aggregates, and other mined products. We design, fabricate, and install mining process solutions including pit-to-surface conveying, weighing, grinding and milling, storage, drying and out-loading facilities across a range of logistics systems.

Beyond design and build of capital solutions, we offer essential ongoing bulk handling equipment maintenance to ensure efficiency and reliability in aggressive mining environments.

As expert partners, we deliver comprehensive bulk materials handling solutions for mining facilities.

Solutions Provided:

  • Mobile and fixed Conveying & Stacking Equipment
  • Bulk Storage Solutions
  • Loading/Unloading Hoppers and transfer systems
  • Dust Suppression Systems
  • Chutes and Underpans
  • Grinding and Milling solutions
  • Bridges & Access Gantries



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