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Food & Beverage
Buttimer Engineering offers solutions for a diverse range of Food and Beverage facilities, contributing to the production of stable foods and beverages, such as Dairy, Grain Milling, Porridge Production, and Guinness brewing.
Buttimer Engineering has considerable expertise in the mechanical handling of bulk ores, concentrates, coal, aggregates, and other mined products
Buttimer Engineering manufactures a range of equipment and solutions for the pharmaceutical sector.
Ports & Bulk Cargo Hubs
Turnkey solutions to Bulk Ports and Bulk Cargo Logistics Hubs using the full spectrum of our in-house resources from engineering design, fabrication, procurement, and on-site project delivery
Power Generation
Comprehensive solutions to the Power Generation sector spanning EfW, Biomass, Gas Turbines, CHP, Auxiliary Power, and RDF Pelleting.
Process Industries
Buttimer Engineering provides solutions across a spectrum of Process Industries, including heavy industry timber conversion to MDF and OSB, biofuel refining, and animal food processing industries.